ACU's learning management system
Manage and share learning resources across your LEO units
Adobe Connect
Run online classrooms and meetings
Promote academic integrity through text-matching
Build and share your electronic portfolio
Create interactive learning materials in your LEO units
Create and publish streaming videos in your LEO units
Interactive Classes
Run realtime interactions in your class with Echo360 ALP
Promote academic integrity for staff and post-graduate research
SELT Surveys *
Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching

For assistance with LEO systems, please contact LEO Support.

* For help with SELT surveys, please contact Evaluations.LTC@acu.edu.au.

Other systems

Following are systems connected to LEO, or applications used with LEO.

IT Service Desk

Desktop software
These include MS Office, Photoshop, etc.
Lecture recordings (Echo360)
Automated recordings of lectures
Online meetings and classes
Student Portal
The "one-stop shop" web application for ACU students
Single Sign On (SSO)
Single Sign On for various systems at ACU

For help with IT systems, please log a request with Service Central.

ACU Library

Leganto (Reading List)
New system for requesting and creating reading lists in LEO
eBooks and eJournals
Create links to most electronic articles, books and videos.
Exam Repository
Online collection of past exams

Please visit ACU Library Help for queries about Library systems.

Student Systems

Student enrolment system
Allocate+ / Tutorial Direct
Online tutorial management system
ACU's timetabling management system

For help with these student system integrations, please log a request with Service Central.

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