Turnitin FAQs for Staff

Where can I get help with Turntiin?
Contact LEO support via the eform in LEO using the Service and Support tab or via http://leosupport.acu.edu.au/ . Alternatively ring 1800 246 442. You may also contact an eLearning (eLA) advisor

1. What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a text matching program. ACU is using Turnitin to enable students to improve their academic writing skills. This is achieved by allowing students to make multiple submissions to Turnitin until the Due date.
Does it have any other functions?
Yes, GradeMark and PeerMark. Use GradeMark to create a rubric, grade and add comments to student papers. Currently ACU is not utilising the PeerMark function.
Do I have to use Turnitin?
When and how you use Turnitin will depend upon your faculty practices and ACU policies.
How will Turnitin help students?
The aim is to help students identify where they need assistance in their academic writing.  
How does Turnitin help students identify errors  in their writing?
Students may submit and re-submit an assignment to Turnitin until the due date. Each submission will produce an Originality report. The report is produced after the assignment is compared with the thousands of resources in the Turnitin database resulting in a percentage match. A match does not mean that a student has plagiarised. Analysis of the Originality report may indicate that a student needs assistance with referencing or putting an idea into their own words. Students can seek help from the Library or Academic Skills. 
Do we have to tell students that we are using Turnitin?
Yes, students should be informed in the Unit Outline and during in-class discussions regarding the use of Turnitin and its availability for reviewing their work.
Does Turnitin identify plagiarism?
No, Turnitin matches text. The academic decides if plagiarism has occurred. 
2. Creating a Turnitin assignment
How do I access Turnitin?
Turnitin is accessed via LEO.
How do I create a Turnitin assignment?
Click on Turn editing on select the module you want the assignment to appear, click on Add an activity and select Turnitin assignment. Save your settings.
Are there any settings I need to be aware of to align with University policy?
Yes. To ensure that Turnitin is used in an educative manner the following default setting must be used:- 
In the assignment settings there isn't anywhere for me to specify a Due date. How do I do this?
A Due date is automatically set to 1 week from when the Turnitin assignment was created. This can be changed by clicking on the Turnitin Assignment in your unit. The next screen displays 4 tabs. The default opening tab is the Summary tab. At the lower right of the screen click on the Edit icon (a pencil).On the Due date row click on the dropboxes to select the correct Due date and time. Click on Submit.
Note the other dates available on this screen - Start date and Post date. Start date indicates the earliest date a student can first submit their Turnitin assignment. Post date relates to the release of grades to students if GradeMark has been used.
Which formats will Turnitin accept?
Turnitin will accept Microsoft Word (doc and docx), Corel WordPerfect, html, Adobe PostScript, Plain text (txt), Rich text format (rtf) and Portable document format (pdf).
What if I want my students to upload PowerPoint files?
Ask them to convert the file to pdf and upload it.
What is the maximum file size?
The maximum file size is 20 MB.
What if I want my students to submit multiple files?
In the assignment settings you can select Number of parts and change this to the appropriate number. Students may upload one piece of work for each part.
Does the Turnitin assignment appear in the Grades area as other LEO assignments do?
Yes, they do. You can also use the GradeMark area in Turnitin. 
3. Viewing submitted assignments

How do I view my students' submitted assignments?
Click on the assignment name on the unit homepage. On the Summary you have the option to bulk download assignments. You can view individual assignments via the Turnitin Document Viewer or in the original format from the Submission inbox tab by clicking on the Download submission icon (an arrow with 2 bars above) on the far right of the screen.
How do I view assignments in Turnitin?
Click on the assignment name. Select the Submission inbox tab. The screen will display a Synchronising data message. Click on the plus (+) sign in front of the student’s name and then click on Part # Assignment name.  You will see the message Loading document viewer. Close the Getting started screen and the student’s assignment will appear onscreen. 
How do I bulk download assignments?
You can bulk download the assignments in the original format or as pdf files. Click on the assignment name. At the Summary tab, under Export you can download the original files by clicking on the Word icon (ZIP file – original format) or download pdf by clicking on the pdf icon (ZIP file – pdf). Select the format and you will see the following instruction, Your download is ready. Please click here to begin the download. You can then elect to open the zip file or save it. 
In the Submission inbox can I limit the list to only those students who have submitted their assignment?
Yes. Click on the Options tab. In the Grade settings box, Submission list click on the dropbox and select List only students who have made submissions. Save changes. Now go back and view the Submission inbox. 
Can I tell how many times a student has submitted their assignment to Turnitin?
Yes. When the assignment opens in the Turnitin document view click on the View information about this paper icon (an i in a circle at the bottom left of the screen). 
4. Originality report
What does the Originality report show and can I see an example?
The Originality report displays an overall similarity percentage which means that #percent matches other sources in the Turnitin database.  This overall similarity percentage can then be broken down to display what percentage has come from which resources. A comparison with the matched resources can be made.
View Turnitin’s 2:54 min video About Originality Check
Who receives the Originality report?
Both the academic and student receive an originality report. By default the Turnitin assignment field, Student Originality reports option, is Yes.  
Does a high percentage score in an Originality report mean that a student has plagiarised? 
Not necessarily. The similarity percentage shows that text in the assignment matches documents in the Turnitin database. It is important to check that matches are properly referenced. 
If students resubmit will the 2nd submission produce a 100% similarity percentage?
If a student resubmits an updated version of the same assignment this is not matched against their previous submissions.

Is a student’s assignment compared with assignments submitted by students in the same class?
Yes. The default setting Store student papers: Standard repository means that students’ submissions are added to the Turnitin database, and this allows text matching of assignments within a class.
Can I view similarity scores for all submitted assignments at the one time?
Yes. Click on the assignment link. On the Summary tab, in the Excel column, click on the Excel icon (Grade export – xls). The Excel sheet will show all similarity scores. The spreadsheet will also list student grades, if they were added in Turnitin.
5. Adding comments to an assignment 

How do I add comments to a student’s assignment?
In the Turnitin document viewer, click on the GradeMark option on the top left of the screen. You can drag and drop commonly used comments onto the student paper.
You can add your own comments by either clicking on the Bubble comment icon (speech bubble) or on the Text comment icon (T) at the top right of the screen. 
6. Grades
How do I add a grade to an assignment?
In the Turnitin document viewer, click on the GradeMark option on the top left of the screen. At the extreme top right of the screen are 2 bold dashes and underneath the phrase Out of ##. Click on the 2 bold dashes and enter the grade. Following the Post date the grade will appear in the LEO gradebook and be released to the student.


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